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Trust me, Adam Schefter could easily report who each team is going to pick minutes before the commissioner announces it.

That would be terrible TV, and he has no interest in proving that he could do this anyway.” What production elements will be unique from ESPN?

We always felt fortunate to have him waiting in the wings.

Markman said ESPN has interesting features for the final day of the draft.

“I would say that Pittsburgh running back James Conner is probably the best chance for us to tell a terrific story of a player that everyone can root for,” he said.

First-round coverage from the Museum of Art in Philadelphia kicks off Thursday at 8 p.m. Chris Mortensen, Adam Schefter and Suzy Kolber will also be part of ESPN’s coverage onsite in Philadelphia.

He’s joined by analysts Mel Kiper Jr., Jon Gruden and Riddick in Round 1, and Kiper, Riddick and Todd Mc Shay for Rounds 2–7.

The reporters at team facilities include Josina Anderson (Browns), Jeff Darlington (49ers), Britt Mc Henry (Cardinals) and Sal Paolantonio (Jets).

“There are no real production changes happening based on Trey replacing Chris,” said ESPN senior coordinating producer Seth Markman. He’s been ready for this opportunity for many years.

He replaces Chris Berman, who steps away from the event after hosting it for ESPN since 1987. The addition of Wingo on night one and Louis Riddick solidifying his role as one of the focal points of ESPN’s coverage has (at least in my mind) made it an even draw on which network to watch. Wingo will host all seven rounds for the first time.

Of all the production bells and whistles ESPN and the NFL Network have planned, the most notable change in either production is Trey Wingo anchoring the first night of the draft for ESPN.

Regarding production highlights, ESPN said it has close to 500 player highlight packages, 50 player personality bumps and more than 40 specialty technical breakdowns with analysis from Gruden, Riddick and Mc Shay.

Those who deserve citations here are lead producer Bryan Ryder and the following production staffers: Joe Smiley, Aaron Pepper, Matt Brooks, Carlie Mc Call, Aaron Hilton, Josh Kramer, Steven Bishop, Matt Wheeler, Adam Bauer, Aaron Thompson, Mike Weltman, Lauren Manderson, Fidelis Lusompa, Quianna Lige, Ryan Lacher, Steven Kim, Corey Taylor and Brandon Barrad.

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