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Katie couric dating violence

Kara Swisher is perhaps the most feared—and effective—journalist in tech.She first made a splash covering AOL in the 1990s and she’s continued to scoop Silicon Valley players ever since.

And the thing I've discovered is, with the advent of technology the capability to really be abusive 24/7 and to do it in a very secretive way, where parents don't have a clue, has actually increased the incidents of dating violence in this country.17: What can girls do to help each other?

KC: They say that older peers can be really helpful in educating younger girls in what is acceptable and what is not and what is healthy behavior and what isn't.

So excited to share the first trailer for my upcoming series “America Inside Out” on National Geographic Channel!!

For the past six months, I’ve traveled throughout the country, talking with all kinds of people about some of the most divisive topics of our time.

Katie Couric’s new ABC afternoon talk show focused on dating violence today and featured a moving interview with Yeardley Love’s mother and sister.

The show highlighted some of the warning signs of dating violence, survivor Quasona Cobb’s story, and expert advice on how to end an abusive relationship.

In this crossover episode with Kara’s podcast, we discuss the competition between Instagram and Snapchat, and why Facebook executives have been slow to acknowledge the site’s role in the 2016 election.

“They don’t want to take responsibility for the fact that their platform was used by a malevolent power to create discord in our country,” Kara says.

But being known as “the sex comic” never phased Amy.

“That just seemed like a stepping stone,” she says.

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