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These kids would be out of school but it’s one of those scenarios where they’re receiving the opportunity they wouldn’t under any other circumstances. G-Unity, as a foundation, we focus on providing academically for low-income people since 2005 so I’ve been in the same area as [Sundance TV] ’cause I make those donations and offer scholarships at different points to people. So when I say I was hustling since I was 12, I was between 3 and 6pm when they thought I was in the after school program. She would make sure I at least had the new shoes to go back to school with and there was like nine kids in the house. You’re used to taking something after somebody done with it and the problem is the shoes were Kangaroos.

Ciara is a really good friend of mine and she came to show me support when I lost my grandmother because she had her relationship with my grandmother.

People don’t know but we have been friends for about four years so that’s why [people] are surprised to come and see her support.

She says a big-screen version of the popular '80s off-Broadway musical "Mama, I Want to Sing!

" is being developed and that she may have a big role in the picture. are co-headlining Screamfest 2007, which starts in August (see "T. With Yung Joc, T-Pain and Lloyd having signed on to be the supporting acts, the tour is now totally comprised of performers who live in Atlanta.

“For some reason, with this friend, everybody turns everything into something else! “They said I cursed him out (for having a Ciara lookalike on his album cover) and that he cried on my shoulder (over the Kanye West rivalry). It’s funny.” No doubt that dating as a celebrity can be tough – “You want to go out like normal people but you can’t.

” And while she’s the first to admit that 50 has “a very, very nice body,” she laughs at all the rumors she’s heard about her so-called romance. If you do, automatically you’re together or messing around,” Ciara confesses. “Confidence is really important to me, and someone that has goals” she said, adding that she doesn’t have to end up with someone famous, but she prefers “to date someone who understands what I do.What in the world was 50 Cent thinking during his performance of "Amusement Park" at the BET Awards?That seems to be the biggest question that's being asked in the wake of Tuesday's show.Just be understanding of this lifestyle and me working a lot. ” As for Ciara’s goals, she’s heading to Europe for a few days to tour with pal Rihanna. The non-scripted series (which launched in Los Angeles last year) doesn’t follow VH1’s syndicated regimen.And to be able to perform with all other the other talented performers that were there tonight really meant a lot to me. It was a fun experience, I was looking forward to it, it was my second time performing.I just wanted to come and show my evolution." Ciara isn't just evolving musically — she's also trying to expand her acting career.But the second-most-asked query has to be, what was Ciara trying to say with her robe? Some have said that, because Ciara is rumored to be dating 50 Cent, the 25 was a nod to their relationship. Half of 50 is 25.) Others have said that, since she has also been linked to NFL star Reggie Bush, she might have been trying to tease her alleged relationship with New Orleans Saints player #25.When she exited the stage to dance into the crowd during her performance of "Like a Boy," she ended James Brown style, getting a robe thrown on her — with a curious "25? Backstage at the awards show, she shut down all the rumors and explained that "25?Even though I give him shit at points, Puff is talented. Staying power in a culture that shifts and moves as fast as hip hop does is hard.There’s a significance in being able to stay in it without actually making hit music.

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