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Intimidating personality traits

They do not put up with apologies from other people, who tend to criticize them and their work.

As a result of you attitude and behavior, people think that you are impolite and mean.

However, people are usually not able to see the other side of your life.

Since you speak openly, you get more opportunities in life than other people.

These opportunities help you to go on in life and to overcome negative situations.

An African proverb says that a lion does not turn around if a small dog barks.

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Have you ever been reproached for something intimidating?These experiences have formed a stable and an independent person.So, you should not bother if people talk about you and your life.Due to those experiences, the life has become harder.You should not be worried if other people do not like your way of living. In both relationship and career, we pass through many positive and negative experiences.If someone interrupts you with small talks, you get angry.Your personality is strong, even though you are intelligent and wise.There are people who seem intimidating at first glance, unafraid of expressing their true opinions in public. You excel past your peers, causing them to dislike you. But once you get to know them, you’ll see that their abrasive attitude is merely a front, hiding the attentive and caring person underneath. You believe in the mantra “honesty is the best policy”. Serious and long-lasting conversations, which include intelligence, are the once that you are into.You are not concerned with small talks, usually about the business world or the weather.

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