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We know that private lessons can be intimidating for new students, our semi-private lessons allow students to take lessons with a friend or a sibling.

They may find it less formal and intimidating than the private lesson track.

It's hard for me to find new things that are not completely overproduced; in this day and age, it's so over the top with the kick drum samples and the fake everything, and it's hard for me to feel any emotion in the music.

There's no nuances to anything; everything's just so saturated and pushed into your face, you don't have any chance to get into the music and explore it. It's so funny; I scratch their backs before they go to bed every night, and our playlist is "Patience," "Knocking on Heaven's Door" and "Estranged," and by "Estranged," they're out. I put on "Sweating Bullets" the other day, and they were laughing about Dave Mustaine talking to himself, so that was pretty funny! One was going to be Bowser from Mario, though now he wants to be a Ninja, so we'll see.

It's just all right there at 10 at all times, and to me that's disappointing. They love GNR, and they love Avenged Sevenfold — my son told his teacher that the two songs of ours he loves are "God Damn" and "Fucking Nightmare," so I got a call from the school about that. And the other wants to be a policeman — I'm gonna be a jailbird, so he can put me in jail. There are multiple haunted houses on it, there are fog machines going, there are people just walking around in creepy costumes; it's very active.

No makeups except for teacher absence or school cancellation.

In addition to prepping for their first-ever acoustic performance (as part of a special Grammy museum event on October 19th at L.

For students considering taking private lessons we are happy to offer a one time only six week trial option for new students.

This program is designed to help those who need a little time to decide whether they are ready to commit to their music study on a more permanent basis.

I like the new Mastodon, and I'm still listening to the last Gojira record.

But I've been listening to a lot of Pink Floyd, too.

SAM Private Lesson Program consists of 16 weekly lessons per semester (30, 45 or 60 minutes) and may include informal performance workshops, master classes and discounts to SAM and other musical performances, semester progress reports and student recitals.

Department Master Classes and Workshops may occur, at each teacher’s discretion in lieu of a private lesson so students can enjoy learning with and performing for their peers in a relaxed setting.

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