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Internet explorer tools for validating xml and viewing xsl

What's next: Students who want to learn more about XML can take XML: DTD Design, XML: Schema Design, XML: DOM (Document Object Model 1.0), or XML: XSL Transformations, Level 1.

DOMDOCUMENT.4.0"); // No asynchronous load: xml.async = false; // Loading the file from disk: xml.load(cur XMLfolder xmlselection.value); // Creating the new empty DOM tree: var xsl = new Active XObject("MSXML2.

DOMDOCUMENT.4.0"); // No asynchronous load: xsl.async = false; // Loading the file from disk: xsl.load(cur XSLfolder xslselection.value); Loading XML data from a string is a bit different from loading a file.

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to: * Identify the benefits of using XML. * Identify the functions and benefits of the XML linking specifications.

* Write well-formed XML using XML syntax such as elements, attributes, comments, and processing instructions.

Prerequisites:  HTML 4.01: Level 1 Delivery method: Instructor-led, group-paced, classroom-delivery learning model with structured minds-on and hands-on activities.

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Target student: Students enrolling in this course should understand Internet basics and level 1 HTML skills.Figure 1: Choose a folder where your XML files are located.This part uses // Here goes the Scripting Runtime, File System Object object: var obj FSO = new Active XObject("Scripting.Button1Click(Sender Sender: TObject; const p Disp: IDispatch; var URL: Ole Variant); begin if (FDispatch = nil) then FDispatch:=p Disp; end; end. The MSDN online is a good resource for that (eg, search on IWeb Browser or IWeb Browser2, IHTMLDocument2, etc). --- dfm --- object Form1: TForm1 Left = 255 Top = 114 Width = 654 Height = 540 Caption = 'Form1' Color = cl Btn Face Font. I need something a little speedier than having to save, then reload, a file every time I want to work with the XML. So, if no one can answer how to make TWeb Browser do the same thing, I might go ahead and accept your answer....For an example, here is a website that also sends XML data with an XSL stylesheet: important that I can work with the XML document directly, because in my case, the XML document contains data which is not rendered by the XSL stylesheet, so extracting my data from the rendered HTML would not give me all the data I need. Below is an example project (source / dfm) using the above link. but I'd still prefer to get the same result out of using Web Browser. Post only submits data in HTTP/1.0 format, while Web Browser submits it in HTTP/1.1 format.This is the flipside of the power that the IE engine provides; however, dependencies can be reduced in a number of ways: // Instantiating 'Shell' object var obj Shell = new Active XObject("Shell.Application"); // Accessing a folder var obj Folder = obj Shell.XML: An Introduction (Second Edition) Course specifications Course number: 077948 Software version number: n/a Course length: 1 day Hardware/software required to run this course - Windows 95, 98, 98SE, ME, NT, or 2000 - Internet Explorer 5.0 or later - A text editor - MSXML Parser 3.0 or higher - MS Tools for Validating XML - MS Tools for Viewing XSL Output Course description Overview: XML: An Introduction (Second Edition) is a gentle introduction to XML.It is designed for both technical and non-technical students.

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