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I have a real hard time spending money on internet dating, but then again, I have seen some really odd strange people on the free sites such as and plenty of fish. I have a great friend in Shawn, who finally met his little red-haired girl to whom he is faithful. Hi this Is Elizabeth I have been chatting with a guy that I have never met. That is the priceless place setting for a night to be remembered. Then I read your description of going down on a man, and it was all over. Approach things with a positive attitude, and it'll pay off. Yummy;) Dry humping I haven't done, much less the other, but it sounds simply like the ultimate fantasy.They are on the paid sites, too, but there is that you get what you pay for thing, too. I think what you have said about friends w/ benefits is totally valid the more I continue. We used to have a lot of fun, but he is just in a way different spot than I am. Yummmmmy;) BTW---I have a leak around my garbage disposal. Must be lonely just you, Willie and your hand jive.... Yeah, the beach is great, and I love the picture you paint. Oh, and yeah, I'd be happy to take care of your plumbing. Bob M; MMMMMMMM love that description of the beach date. Thanks for todays mental picture of pleasure:)My problem is that my past experiences includes 10 years of marriage which ended exactly 1 year and 10 days ago (practically ended, we're separated).Internet dating is just for visual kicks because there are photos and people are putting themselves out there beyond that it's 100% unromantic. I know several people that have met their spouses through the internet and are still going strong.

I don't want to compete with my girlfriend; I want to enjoy things with her.

Many of the same people stay on the net searching for years and years and for good reason as they are usually undateable, unstable and have reams of things to work on before they should even be contemplating a relationship.

There is a huge intellectual and physical gap that occurs regarding expectation and reality.

I’ve helped millions of men and women around the globe achieve success in their dating, social and personal lives.

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