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If you don’t know what an ethernet cable or router are, this product isn’t for you.

The first step is to actually activate your Ooma service which you can do through

Call Quality I was most skeptical about the claimed landline call quality.

Ooma has several big selling points, all of them true. That link goes to amazon which is the cheapest place to buy it from.

List price is $249.99 but amazon usually has it for much cheaper.

Instead, treat the hub like you would any computer and plug its “modem” port directly into your network router/switch. You can plug a phone into the “phone” port and the “wall” port should plug into your home phone line system.

That is how the Ooma Scout communicates with the Ooma Hub, over your pre-existing phone wiring.

In Linksys routers for example, look under “Applications & Gaming” and then “Qo S”.

You will want to add “High” priority to the MAC address of your Ooma Hub.

I did 2 Ooma voice calls (via the premier plan’s 2nd line), 1 i Chat video, while also downloading an HD movie and uploading large files to servers. In part, this is because the Ooma data packets were higher priority than all the others.

So you can push your internet usage as much as you can and the Ooma calls should not degrade.

It appears Ooma tends to use about 100Kbps so it makes sense they recommend more so you have room to make calls while still using your internet for other things.

I attempted to see if I could push my internet connection to its limits and see how Ooma would react.

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