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Call Quality I was most skeptical about the claimed landline call quality.

If you don’t know what an ethernet cable or router are, this product isn’t for you.

The first step is to actually activate your Ooma service which you can do through

Skype call quality does not compare to a landline in my opinion. Vonage is considered to be high quality but is very expensive for Vo IP.

Ooma is free after you purchase the initial hardware. It sounds terrific but you don’t have to believe me. While I had great call quality, it doesn’t mean you will.

In Linksys routers for example, look under “Applications & Gaming” and then “Qo S”.

You will want to add “High” priority to the MAC address of your Ooma Hub.Instead, treat the hub like you would any computer and plug its “modem” port directly into your network router/switch. You can plug a phone into the “phone” port and the “wall” port should plug into your home phone line system.That is how the Ooma Scout communicates with the Ooma Hub, over your pre-existing phone wiring.At at any phone jack, plug in the Ooma Scout which just has a “wall” and “phone” connection to hook up another phone.Packet Prioritization One reason Ooma wants to hook up right after your DSL/Cable Modem is because it can then prioritize the Ooma packets to be high priority.1 scout is included but you can purchase extra scouts as you need them.If you have a cordless base station phone with extra handsets, that is ideal because only the base station needs to be near the hub or scout.There have been many technologies I’ve been skeptical of, none more so than Ooma, a Vo IP phone service.If you don’t know what that means, essentially it is a way to make phone calls through your pre-existing internet connection as opposed to using a normal phone line. Purchase Hardware You do have to purchase the Ooma Core Vo IP Phone System.Installation Because Ooma is an internet service, it isn’t for everyone.You need to have at least some basic understanding of computer technology.

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