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Hills stephanie pratt dating

The show has produced several spin-offs, as well as distributed all seasons to DVD.

In light of the building feud, Spencer's sister Stephanie Pratt initially took a disliking to Conrad.

However, she later apologized to Conrad for an earlier confrontation, and the pair became friends.

Spencer Pratt, originally credited as "Heidi's boyfriend" and later "Heidi's husband", was added in the second season.

She and her housemate Heidi Montag originally planned to attend the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, though the latter left the college after receiving employment with Bolthouse Productions.

With the camera on Jenner, the Hollywood Hills backdrop is pulled away, while the camera pans back to reveal that the entire scene was filmed on a backlot.

In reality, the vehicle had not driven off and Cavallari stepped out of the vehicle to hug Jenner.Port left the series at the conclusion of the fourth season, moving to New York City and starring in her own spin-off, The City, which aired for two seasons.Looking to pursue other career opportunities, Conrad left the series halfway through the fifth season, and was subsequently replaced by fellow Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County cast member Kristin Cavallari.Bosworth and Stephanie Pratt joined Cavallari and Patridge as primary cast members in the sixth and final season, while Montag and her husband Pratt were removed from the series after displaying erratic behavior.Conrad briefly returned to the series during an alternate ending for its finale.Conrad is revealed to be sitting on his couch, and comforts him that "it's hard to say goodbye" to a "friend of [his]", before the camera focuses on a smiling Conrad.After the falling-out between Conrad and Montag in the third season, Heffernan also commented that The Hills "is more convincing than Friends and just about any other comedy about female relationships because — as anyone who has ever been a young woman knows — undying friendships die".The ensuing feud between the women became a central focus of the series, and was carried through each subsequent season in which Conrad appeared.Montag and Pratt became engaged, while Patridge resumed a turbulent romantic relationship with her friend Justin "Justin Bobby" Brescia.During the final episode of the series, Cavallari decides to move to Europe.In the final scene, Jenner is shown to be watching the limousine bringing Cavallari to the airport travel down her street.

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