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His parents, indeed the Indian Army and nation itself, lost a dedicated, honest and brave son. He was the first officer to detect and inform about Pakistani intrusion. The program *KANK* has not been built as per the Functionality Design Specifications (script). The director should have first created a proper Design Document (screenplay) and then begun the actual coding. *Amitabh Bachchan* is a powerful class with a number of methods and functions but it has not been effectively used. *Abhishek Bachchan,* a derived class of *Amitabh Bachchan*, inherits all the attributes and properties of its parent class. *Shah Rukh Khan* and *Rani Mukherjee* are emotionally overloaded and go into an infinite weeping loop every 60 milliseconds. The methods such as *Songs()* and *Cinematography()* have been properly executed and produce fantastic results. *Preity Zinta* is an abstract class, which looks pretty but actually does nothing. Functions like *Arjun Rampal, JA, and KD* pass NULL values and are redundant. The program takes an unbearably long time to terminate? So i request all you reader to go through this mail once and if possible take out some precious moment to write about how you felt….

They even chopped off various limbs and private organs of the Indian soldiers besides inflicting unimaginable physical and mental torture.

After 22 days of torture, the brave soldiers were ultimately shot dead.

In spite of all the planning that you do, there are a lot of uncertainties in a marriage. Just remember that the person you marry must be of your choice.

Finally, my dear friends, marriage is all about compromises.


Saurabh Nagar, Palampur-176061 Himachal Pradesh Tel: 91 (01894) 32065 Please sign in by writing your name and then copy and paste it again to forward it to your friends and relatives. PLEASE DON’T BREAK THE ONWARD MOVEMENT OF THIS MAIL. International Human Rights Organisations must be approached to expose and pressure Pakistan to identify, book and punish all those who perpetrated this heinous crime to our men in uniform. If Pakistan is allowed to go unpunished in this case, we can imagine the consequences. Cmde DR Acharya, VSM (Retd) 223 Lt Cdr P arijat Sinha 919869041154 224. Lt Cdr Susheel Menon, Jakarta, Indonesia 226 Lt Cdr Rahul Shankar, Mumbai 227. Pratibha Shah, Nashua, USA 240Pankaj Shah, Nashua, USA 239. The Pakistanis indulged in dastardly acts of inflicting burns on the Indians with cigarettes, piercing their ears with hot rods, removing their eyes befor e! puncturing them and breaking most of the bones and teeth. Pakistan captured him and his patrol party of 5 brave men alive on May 15, 1999 from the Indian side of LOC. They were kept in captivity for three weeks and subjected to unprecedented brutal torture, evident from their bodies handed over by Pakistan Army on June 9, 1999. Remember, Lt Kalia and his colleagues died on the front so that we could sleep peacefully in our home. Sukhendra Ra i, HCL Technologies, Noida, India 123.

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