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Greek dating and marriage customs

For more specific information, please see “.” Translations are required for birth certificates, divorce decrees and death certificates but not passports, and your wedding planner may or may not offer this as part of their services.

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It has been stated by other sources that you must be in Greece at least eight (8) days before the wedding date, but this is usually the time it takes to secure and issue a Greek marriage license.

*Be aware that some islands now bar tourists from getting married on certain Greek islands, and there are laws that forbid weddings on archaeological sites.

For example, you cannot get married at the Acropolis. Reserve a date at least three (3) months in advance if between May and October 2.

For assistance in navigating legalities, it is helpful to employ a legitimate wedding planner who will do the legwork for you once you forward the necessary documents.

You will pay more than the 75-100 euros normally incurred to do it yourself, but at least your pre- and post-wedding time won’t be spoiled by bureaucracy.

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