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The inverted parison is transferred to an upright position in the blow mould where it is reheated before compressed air is introduced into the parison bubble.During blowing, a vacuum is applied through the mould to suck any trapped air or other gases from the bottom of the mould.As the ribbon of glass passes from the forming rollers, it is supported by an air cushion.

A term used to refer to the raw materials required to produce the desired type of glass once they have been weighed and mixed, and are ready for melting.

A process used widely in the of bowls, plates, ashtrays, etc.

Refractory blocks or tiles in varying proportions of alumina-zirconiasilica; initially used for areas where corrosion resistance was important but now used in most parts of the furnace.

The application of decorative bands of enamel or precious-metal compounds, normally by machine, to containers such as winterberg bekanntschaften, cups, cosmetics bottles,

A click at this page glass used for glass-to-metal seals, particularly suitable when electrical qualities are not important.

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Alumina aluminium oxide Al2O3 is added to the glass batch in the form of commonly found feldspars containing alkalis in order to help improve chemical resistance and mechanical strength, and to increase viscosity lower temperatures.

The temperature is increased until the glass sheet sinks into shape in the mould.

A production process used for glass container manufacturing with forming machines.

A process used in the production of cut crystal to dating owens-illinois glass bottles the opacity of etched surfaces where decoration has been applied.

Items to be polished are immersed in a mixture of demineralized water, sulphuric acid and hydrofluoric acid, and then rinsed.

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