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How long do I keep him waiting before I give him the cookie?I have to admit, for me, it is true what they say about women and their libido. Coupled with the fact that it has been so long since I got laid, a guy just needs to step on my toe and I get a sensation.But really, Mr Harvey put it simply, when you first start a job, you are put on probation for at least 90 days, you are confirmed once you have proved that you are up to doing the job.

Especially father’s, having played a lot of women in their time; they can spot a playa from a mile off.

He should definitely meet the parents before he takes you to bed, so he knows that if there are consequences if all he wants is a hit and run. Tell him what you want up front – Some people say this is a no, no, but I think it is best to put all your cards on the table.

A guy who is just as attractive as you are is comfortable in his own skin and so will not always be searching for more. Be yourself – we say we want a guy who takes us for who we are, but then we meet a guy and somehow mould ourselves into a ‘perfect girlfriend’, then when our guard is dropped and the walls start to come down, the guy then say’s “you’ve changed”. I could be described as one to some extent, depending on the situation.

Now as much as I find myself the full package (attractive, intelligent, kind etc…). Of course I would not go to a black tie event and get so inebriated that I am dancing on tables, but if I’m out at a drinking spot, I would rather have a gin and tonic than a bottle of Alvaro. My drinking or my smoking doesn’t define me, it’s a small part of what I do, not what I am.

After resigning myself to the fact that I will not get anyone who can handle me, I’ve started dating again.

That’s always interesting in this country because I have yet to pass the 3 month probationary period, so we’ll see how this one goes.

This time though, I’m sharing this with you guys because that’s the reason why I started this blog.

That is, to share my whole experience of life as a British girl in Ghana.

In my previous blogs I was adamant that I will not date anyone who hasn’t spent a significant amount of time overseas because the mindset is completely wrong.

This guy, however seems to be the exception to this rule, he’s never travelled further than the west coast, he is a little bit of a hustler.

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