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Our seventh ski film Same Difference is no exception.

This challenge creates a one of a kind team spirit among a group of friends.In light of the whole theme of X-Men: The Last Stand, this message is certainly intended.In perhaps the movie’s most obvious example of “mutant as a stand-in for gay,” when Hank Mc Coy is first revealed to be a mutant, he is questioned by his coworkers as to why he hadn’t reveal his true identity before.He replies, “You didn’t ask, I didn’t tell.” Gays in the military under Don’t Ask Don’t Tell couldn’t have said it better.Alyssa Rosenberg, writing on the Think website, called X-Men First Class “a great gay rights metaphor,” noting that already in X2, “Iceman’s visit to his parents took the form of a coming-out sequence, complete with confusion and rejection by a sibling. Zach Stenz, one of the First Class screenwriters, explained on a Facebook comment posted in June: “I helped write the movie, and can tell you the gay rights / post-holocaust Jewish-identity / civil rights allegory stuff was put in there on purpose.Joss Wheldon designed the whole ‘Cure’s storyline in the comic books specifically as a gay allegory, and Bryan Singer wove his own feelings of outsiderdom as a gay man into the movie series.Most of the mutants argue that they don’t need a cure, asserting that their mutations are innate to their identities, but still some who aren’t happy with their mutations embrace the chance to change.” In X-Men: First Class, Dr.Henry "Hank" Mc Coy concocts a serum that will hide his mutation (seen in his feet) without removing his powers, only to discover that the serum actually accelerates his mutation, turning him into a powerful beast.Uniquely we also have indispensable relations in fields such as technical snow construction, helicopter operations, ski resorts and media post production.The X-Men movie series, based on the comic books of the same name, is well-known for its unusual cast of gifted mutants and for its extraordinary special effects.

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