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The app lets you check out other backpackers’ travel plans and itineraries to see if they match up with yours.

And because it’s one of the most popular, you’ll be able to find fellow travellers in almost any destination.

So all you have to do is become fluent in every language on the planet. Well, it is if you’ve got the Hostelworld app on your phone: to help you meet locals while travelling and generally make life a little easier, we’ve launched a brand new feature that lets you converse like a near native in 43 languages and counting. @teejayhughes For introverts, a carefully chosen app can be a quick and painless way to meet other people to travel with – whether you’re looking for someone to join you on a two-day trek into the jungle, or someone to travel India with for three months.

You’ll soon come to realise it’s the people you meet along the way who make travel such a rewarding experience.

They work with locals to find the best things to do in each city, and then organise everything for you so you can concentrate on having fun.

And the best bit is that you’ll get to meet people from all over the world who love the same things as you, whether that’s art or cycling.

Just don’t forget to return the favour when you’re back in your hometown for good backpacker karma and the perfect antidote to the post-travel blues. @teejayhughes This is by far the most important one: stop worrying.

Most people who are travelling are open-minded and want to meet new people.

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