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Florida law mandating child abuse

There was broken glass and a broken drawer in the kitchen.The refrigerator, which was hard to open, was almost empty.Four-fifths (79.2%) of child fatalities were caused by one or more parents.

Neglect accounted for 32.6 percent, physical abuse accounted for 22.9 percent, and medical neglect accounted for 1.5 percent of the child population.

These children were smothered, slammed down on asphalt, beaten, shot, and some drowned while unsupervised.

Child fatalities with unknown or missing perpetrator relationship data accounted for 8.3 percent.

More than 40 percent (40.8%) were caused by multiple forms of maltreatment.

Therefore, 79.4 percent were younger than 4 years old.

11.1 percent were between the ages of 4 and 7 years, thus indicating that the majority of children who die from child abuse or neglect are young children (figure 4–1).

The following is the definition of child abuse according to § F. 39.01: A child whose physical or mental health or welfare…..

is harmed, or threatened with harm, by the acts or omissions of the parent....inflicts, or allows to be inflicted upon the child physical or mental injury..which includes injury sustained as a result of excessive corporal punishment....sexual battery….exploits a child...abandons the child….

In 2010, there were 180 child fatalities in Florida alone. Any person, including, but not limited to, physician, nurse, teacher, social worker, or employee of a public or private facility serving children, who has reason(s) to suspect or believe that a child has been subject to child abuse, shall report or cause reports to be made to the Department of Children and Family Services, Single Intake, or the State of Florida, Child Abuse Registry, Tallahassee, Florida. All alleged reports of physical injury to students by Board employees must be immediately reported to the Division of School Police for investigation.

An abused child is defined as any person under 18 years of age who has been subjected to willful or negligent acts which result in: neglect; malnutrition; sexual abuse; physical injury; mental injury; or failure to provide sustenance, clothing, shelter, or medical treatment. The Division of School Police will be responsible for reporting these incidents to Children and Family Services. Personnel willfully failing to report or cause a report of a complaint of child abuse when brought to their attention will be subject to disciplinary action.

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