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It keeps saying that "This connection is Untrusted" for every website.On Windows Edge, when I try to watch a You Tube video I keep getting the message "This video is unavailable with restricted mode enabled".

I have been unsuccessful updating two machines to Windows 10 1607.

During my latest attempt Firefox would not display its browser screen.

If I looked at task manager I could see firefox32* loaded.

If I tried to start Firefox again, I would get another firefox32* but no browser screen.

I tried starting Firefox holding down the shift key, no add-ons, but no change.

I uninstalled Firefox and reinstalled yielding the same result.

If so, does a Firefox thumbnail appear when you hover over it?

If it does, right-click on the thumbnail view and select Maximise.

That’s why, if you’re on Firefox 16 or later, you never have to manually check for updates again, or be bothered with approvals or progress bars!

Now, when Firefox launches a great new feature, you don’t have to lift a finger.

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