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Users are encouraged to learn and utilize the tools existing in their own willpower, their IRC clients, the IRC servers, and the IRC Services bots to manage their interactions with other users.

This includes harrassment and flooding that is generated at a manual pace (ie. If you are receiving unwanted text from someone, the most effective way to combat it is to ignore it mentally, ignore it with your IRC client's Ignore feature, or silence it with the server-side /silence command: The server administrators do their best to remove automated, systematic advertising and drone flood bots.Otherwise, it interprets your input as text that you wish to send to a channel or in a private message to a user.Graphical clients typically provide command functions by way of things on which you can click instead of typing out the command manually.If you observe that behavior, feel free to report them to the administrators (either in #Anthro Chat or by using the contact form).You have either a router or a piece of firewall software that gets confused when trying to handle this text on the IRC port. Because the router or firewall/security software is only looking to interpret these key words on the standard IRC port (6667), the quick work-around is to connect to Anthro Chat using a port other than 6667, such as 7667 or 7000.It provides registration and utility services to the network by way of robots or "bots".Bots appear as regular users who are connected to the network, but the bots provided by Anope have elevated privileges that allow them to perform their duties.Some IRC clients allow you to specify a password when connecting to the server and the server automatically passes that password to Nickserv.Part of the registration process includes a confirmation e-mail sent to an address that you provide to the command.Channels have their own ownership and their own sets of rules.In general, most channels are open to exploration, but results may vary.

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