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” She said incredulously, “so if you’re such a great lover, why are you still single? “When you own a Stallion, it’s difficult to keep it tamed you know? She was all over the Koen like a zwerver on hot frites, but she kept asking me for presents!

We join her on a date with ‘The Koen’.(From the Expat Lady Strikes Back)Koen wasn’t too pleased that his date decided to stay and eat at the hotels brasserie.

When it was time to get the bill he decided to be honest (and polite) with her.

Upon entering they were immediately hit by a wave of heat, and the noise! ’ They were taken to their table, through a shouting, dancing, kissing crowd.

They noticed the hateful glances of some of the women there, and the lustful stares of some of the men.

The Urban Dictionary definition of a Player is as follows: Conveniently located a few minutes walk away from MOMO, which was ideal for two ladies wearing high heels, was a place on the Expat Ladies secretaries list of recommendations, Players.

“You’ll meet a lot of playboys there, and if you like Champagne and good music, it’s the place to go.” The expat lady could afford her own Champagne, but was intrigued none the less, perhaps she’d meet a suave sophisticated James Bond type.

It was pretty cold outside, but the heat in Players was incredible.

They sat at their table and ordered a bottle of Vodka.

So we will be having sex, just not with each other.

Have fun Koen, it’s been an experience, but somehow I don’t think we’ll be seeing each other again.” She left with his voice ringing out in the background “BUT I PAID FOR DINNER” to which she replied that she had no intention of being his dessert.

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