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Emotional dating violence

For instance, an abuser may demand the victim always tell them where they are, and may insist upon an immediate response to their phone calls, texts, and other communications while they are with other people.

Eventually meeting these demands becomes so unpleasant or embarrassing that the victim gradually discontinues contact with other people.

Parents should make certain their youth (both boys and girls) have a clear understanding of what behaviors are completely unacceptable in any relationship.

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Furthermore, any drastic change in a teen's mood or personality around the same time a relationship with a significant-other intensifies can also be a warning sign.

Therefore, it is important for youth to recognize this type of behavior early in a relationship and to exit that relationship promptly.

Abusive partners will usually try to isolate victims from their friends and family in order to avoid detection, and to gain greater power and control over their victims.

Abusers employ many methods to isolate victims, some very subtle.

An abuser may directly tell their partner they may not socialize with someone, or the abuser may become so unpleasant when their victim spends time with others that eventually the victim "chooses" not to spend time with other people.

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