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Delayed due to accommodating passengers

As soon as the delay is confirmed, get in line to talk to gate agents and simultaneously dial in to the airline call center.Often, the call center can book you faster than the gate agent dealing with frustrated passengers.

Always check your flight departure status before you leave the house on your travel day!

It’s shocking how many people in the rush of getting to the airport simply forget to take this simple, hassle-alleviating step.

Send your travel partner to the main ticketing area at the front of the airport while you get in line at the gate with the other affected passengers on your flight.

Sure, there may be an extra gate agent or two who have been called over to assist, but remember – those agents at the gate are dealing with a whole plane full of people, some of whom are in a hurry, all of whom are inconvenienced.

If your flight gets canceled for bad weather, you can handle rebooking from the comfort of your home 2.

Avoid Checking a Bag Checked bags can complicate things when dealing with flight delays or cancellations.

Though those days are long gone, somewhat surprisingly, most airlines still have some vestige of this old rule still on the books.

It can’t hurt to request this assistance in a polite manner. Set yourself up for success and be your own advocate It’s worth it to become a frequent flyer with a couple of big domestic air carriers.

If the flight you are booked on has been (or ultimately is) canceled, you are entitled to a full refund for the price that you paid, even if the ticket was non-refundable.

On the other hand, if the flight you were booked on is merely delayed—but does take off eventually—the non-refundable rule still applies.

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