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The Socs are the same ones, Bob and Randy plus others who arrive.

The cash goes on everything from luxury items to car dealers, security firms, private schools and companies which organise tailor-made holidays."These extremely glamorous women will employ an average of ten people to help them keep an immaculate home, look wonderful, take care of their stressed husband’s needs, and bring up the children," explains Beresford."They spend hours each week at the gym, and pay huge amounts for plastic surgery.

They are growing in number: a record 4,200 City high-fliers will collect bonuses worth more than £1 million each in the next few weeks, according to the Centre for Economics and Business Research— 40 per cent more than last year.

Soda, Darry, and Pony argue and Darry ends up hitting Ponyboy and says he didn't mean it but Ponyboy runs off, finds Johnny, and they run to the local park.

While sitting on a playstructure they notice the Socs' car pulling up.

Sodapop falls asleep and leaves Ponyboy awake to wonder.

When he gets home, Darry yells at him for staying out till 2 in the morning.He is said to be worth £558m, and closely guards his privacy.Dally storms out and Ponyboy and Johnny befriend the two soc girls, named Cherry and Marcia.Watson is a pro at keeping her private life private, politely declining to answer questions about her boyfriend at every turn.Earlier in the year, she explained her rationale for keeping her love life hush-hush, and to be honest, it makes a lot of sense.Two-Bit joins shortly after and likewise gets along with the soc girls.Sodapop then shares with Ponyboy his plan to marry Sandy, his girlfriend.Ela também estrelou a campanha primavera/verão de 2010 da mesma grife.Após oito audições, o produtor David Heyman contou a Watson, Daniel Radcliffe e Rupert Grint que eles haviam obtido os papéis de Hermione Granger, Harry Potter e Ronald Weasley, respetivamente.Their children go to school at Wetherby School in Notting Hill, Pembridge Hall, Sussex House or Westminster Under School.Reputedly more powerful than the legendary investor George Soros, Bacon, 49, is by far the biggest of the daredevil managers who take big bets on the direction of stocks, bonds, currencies and commodities.

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