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"The kids started calling me that and it stuck." She's an Auburn fan who's not afraid to say 'Roll Tide.' In fact, she did just that at Samford University's Rotunda Club the night of her crowning "Of course, my loyalty lies with Auburn," she said."But, as Miss Alabama, I understand that I represent every university in this state." She's a historic Miss Alabama."This organization has truly changed my life and I want to say saved my life," she said.

Harley Wilkes died four months previously, and that he had mysteriously left his practice to her.

But this wasn't without its complications - Harley had only left Zoe his half of the practice, which he shared with Dr.

She's determined to make the town see that she could be one of them, and so, to hang on to the medical practice her father had for 45 years.

Zoe and father, Ethan Hart were close, growing up, sharing his dream to become a doctor, and determined to follow in his footsteps and become a cardio-thoracic surgeon - even performing her residency at New York Hospital, the same hospital where he had done his, while her mother, Candice Hart tried to sway her daughter toward another direction.

"I knew from my first dance class that I loved it," she said. I love to be on the stage, it just gives me life." For her talent at Miss Alabama, she performed to "Enigma" from "The Matrix" soundtrack. "I've always been really fascinated with weather," she said.

Dating zoey auburn me

Prior to that, she was in a pre-professional ballet company and was a Tiger Paw at Auburn. If she ever met Spann, she said she would ask him to take her tornado chasing.

Here are eight things to know about Miss Alabama Meg Mc Guffin: Yes, she's heard 'Egg Mc Muffin' before. Mc Guffin said the nickname has followed her since childhood.

"It was inevitable when I entered kindergarten," she said.

"Growing up a trained dancer, I spent 30 hours a week in front of a mirror in a leotard and tights and I constantly was comparing myself to my peers," she said. She's currently watching "The Black List." She also counts "Gilmore Girls" and "Friends" among her favorite shows. Mc Guffin said she once wanted to be a meteorologist, even tweeting weather updates using the hashtag #meteorologistmeg.

"I really grow a hatred for my body through that experience, but thank goodness I have a strong support system that really instilled in me high self-esteem and I was able to overcome that and not fall prey to the pressures of our society to be the ideal thin." She's been a dancer for 19 years. She also wants to meet Birmingham's most famous weather man.

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