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When you lock into a working environment that’s aligned with what drives you—be it writing, architecture, waste management, music, or retail—you’d be hard-pressed to find a better place to meet a mate.

When you’re dating a coworker, you’re both in the same boat. And maybe you’ll discover that bitching about work isn’t as much fun as unwinding with the person that you’ve been waiting all day to see outside the office. Beats masturbating into a wad of toilet paper with your Dockers dangling around your ankles on your “coffee break,” that’s for sure.

All the advice columnists who tell you to date your coworkers cite the possibility of a hostile work environment if things take a turn for the worse.

People get themselves mixed up in these situations because we tend to spend the bulk of our days at the office.

It's easy to develop a work crush, but how you handle it makes all the difference.

It also means finding little intimate moments to share during the day.

Lunch dates on the patio outside the office, sneaking out for a coffee run in the afternoon, a quick peck on the lips when no one is looking or a makeout session in that hidden spot of the building no one else knows about.

You chose that particular company to work for: it was a chance to grow, something that challenged you or contained some nugget of fascinating duties that made it more appealing than slinging books at the local Barnes & Noble. The last time I dated a coworker, we were both local news reporters at a scrappy small-town paper.

We’d spend the days on the phone slugging it out with obstinate local officials, stay late in the newsroom to meet deadlines, and then spend the evenings chugging cheap beer, swapping tidbits of information the public wasn’t privy to, and lamenting the sad state of local politics.

In reality, though, workplace professionalism is an efficient mechanism to avoid awkward situations and delay bitter conversations until a scheduled appropriate time.

If you are both serious about the work at hand, the dalliances of human love affairs have to take a backseat to whatever drove you to the job in the first place.

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