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Dating your coworker

We’ve all been in the situation where you invite your date out and there happens to be a bunch of work people at the bar, and the conversation naturally devolves into the same old bull session about the problems of the office, the complications of whatever went down that day, or the way that one certain dude can’t seem to find a brand of tuna fish to eat that doesn’t smell like rejected Soviet-era rations.

At night we’d take out our frustrations by having mad post-deadline sex, stumbling out of the bed the next morning with a renewed smile to do it all again.

What is one of the main reasons otherwise healthy relationships crumble and deteriorate?

When you lock into a working environment that’s aligned with what drives you—be it writing, architecture, waste management, music, or retail—you’d be hard-pressed to find a better place to meet a mate.

It goes against traditional wisdom and hackneyed clichés—fishing from the company pond, shitting where you eat, dipping the pen in the company ink—but the truth is, it can be kind of awesome.

If your career is important to you, you should probably avoid this diabolical situation at all costs, as it can get very messy, very quickly.

Should you choose to embark on this path of interoffice sexual relations, here are some tips you should consider: Everyone loves a secret, but no one knows how to keep it.Even if things go sour, you get the appeal of being actors in the drama that everyone else at work is watching with the intensity of a soap opera.The heightened sense of secrecy that usually surrounds workplace relationships makes you feel like Jay-Z and Beyonce. The type of workplace referenced here is the kind that serves as a funnel for your passions, not an obstacle between you and the weekend.The work-to-live idea should by now (I hope) have been replaced by the live-to-work idea where you’re able to marry your passion to a day job that feels organic and parallel to your desire to create, shape, or direct the world around you.You chose that particular company to work for: it was a chance to grow, something that challenged you or contained some nugget of fascinating duties that made it more appealing than slinging books at the local Barnes & Noble. The last time I dated a coworker, we were both local news reporters at a scrappy small-town paper.We’d spend the days on the phone slugging it out with obstinate local officials, stay late in the newsroom to meet deadlines, and then spend the evenings chugging cheap beer, swapping tidbits of information the public wasn’t privy to, and lamenting the sad state of local politics.It also means finding little intimate moments to share during the day.Lunch dates on the patio outside the office, sneaking out for a coffee run in the afternoon, a quick peck on the lips when no one is looking or a makeout session in that hidden spot of the building no one else knows about.So, instead of offering up your relationship on a silver platter to the chatty Cathys of your cubicle, make sure you and your partner discuss logistics and really get a game plan together in order to avoid that painfully awkward and embarrassing conversation with your boss.Dating the boss is never a good idea for many reasons.

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