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Dating sarah is not like dating liz

In her early teenage years, Sarah was a fussy eater because she thought she was fat.

Gail became exasperated and made Sarah eat her meal in front of her, saying that they would do it that way every morning until she changed her behaviour.

This news also meant that Martin's plans to leave Gail for nurse Rebecca Hopkins, whom he was having an affair with at the time, were ruined when he realised that he had to stay and support his family.

Gail was planning to keep the paternity a secret so she that she would be able to raise Sarah herself ,but told Brian after Gail's mother Audrey Roberts accidentally revealed it during a heated argument with him.

Brian didn't believe it at first but eventually came to understand and accept Sarah as one of his own and it took some time for him to bond with her.

Sacked by Stephen Reid after losing focus on her work priorities, she remained in the street and began work at the Rovers Return Inn as a barmaid.

She began a relationship with Callum Logan but dumped him after discovering that he was using Bethany to deliver drugs.

When Sarah told best friend Candice Stowe of her pregnancy, Candice worked out for herself that Neil was the father.

Some months later, Gail and Martin were shocked when they saw Neil in the schoolyard of Weatherfield Comprehensive as they both thought it was someone older who had taken advantage of Sarah.Her plan was that once Sarah had the baby, they would return and pass the baby off as Gail and Martin's.However, news of Sarah's pregnancy had already spread around the school and closer to home, believing Gail to be pregnant, the residents of the street found out about it when Audrey accidentally told them who the real expectant mother was.Sarah gave birth prematurely but baby Billy lived for only three days.Sarah's next love was was Todd's older half brother, Jason Grimshaw.After hearing her being sick in the bathroom, Gail decided to take her to the doctor under the impression that she was developing an eating disorder.Sarah was examined by Dr Wilson who told them that Sarah was five months pregnant, meaning it was also too late for an abortion.In December 1990, Sarah's younger half-brother David Platt was born.In March 1994, Sarah's appendix ruptured and she had an emergency operation which she soon recovered from.Sarah blamed herself for her daughter's kidnapping and she confides in Gail that she was thinking about what the residents will think about her being a teen mum .Kevin Webster made Alison see sense and return Sarah's baby before she was run over by a lorry (this is unknown if it was suicide or an accident).

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