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So having said that, am I to assume that the chearleaders for that team should also be subjected to this type of behavior from the players as well?

If she's going to be on camera, she has to look sexy. When Ines shows up for something, she's not there to do legitimate journalism.

She wasn't there doing background work - she was there to film pieces to be aired. She dressed provocatively because she works on TV; she didn't whine or complain about it, but the Jets were ridiculous enough that they offended others; when asked about it she answered honestly. She's there to bring attention to herself and publicity for her employer, Mexico's TV Azteca.

If anything useful comes of it , it could be the discussion which it seems to have sparked (or re-sparked?

I'm old, so I remember that this practice is the result of a court ruling - they can't keep women out of locker rooms if they let male reporters in.

In women's tennis, for example, they keep out all reporters because they are governed by the same ruling.

After looking at some of her pictures on Google, I'd have to say that (unfortunately) she asked for it. She wears skin tight jeans and low cut blouses and expects a bunch of testosterone laden,hyped up neanderthals to keep mum while they are in their skivvies. Sure she can wear whatever she wishes,but should be prepared for the possible reactions in different situations.

I've a feeling this wa nothing more than an effort by her to draw even MORE attention to herself. To begin, I don't know what sort of "professionalism" should be expected of her or the players in a locker room.

She should be able to dress however she and her network see fit and the players should be able to respond however they see fit.

She seems to have stepped back from it now however, so of course it will just go away. If anything useful comes of it , it could be the discussion which it seems to have sparked (or re-sparked?

) about women reporters , hot or not, in the guys' locker rooms while they are still washing up, etc.

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