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Seems to be more stringent than du at blocking websites, so if you desperately want to access a website that's blocked when connected via etisalat, one way is to use a du connection - visit a friend or coffee shop in a free zone in dubai for example (du is often the isp in dubai free zones), or try using a du websites are blocked, although matrimonial websites seem to be acceptable.

For example during the financial crisis and property crash in dubai, it was much easier to obtain objective information from foreign published newspapers as it was difficult for uae based media to write about those events without sounding negative.

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The tra website says "currently only licensees may provide voip services in the uae" and "the tra does not block voip traffic or protocols.

May 2005 - gulf news quoted ahmad bin ali, etisalat's head of public relations at etisalat, as saying (confusingly) "internet telephony up until now is illegal to use in the uae.

However, non-critical websites of religions other than islam are usually es critical of the uae - pages are not routinely blocked, especially from news sources.

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One of the ironies of dubai is that searching for information about dubai world's (a dubai government owned company) tie-up with mgm (a us casino operator) is difficult as a result of the king sites - some are considered to be "dating" sites by the tra and blocked for that reason, for example - facebook (not blocked), flickr (unblocked), friendster (not blocked), hi5 (not blocked), myspace (not blocked), orkut, stumbleupon (not blocked).Callbacks = function(a) , m.extend(); var H; ready = function(a) , m.extend(); function I() function J() m.ready.promise = function(b) ; var K = "undefined", L; for (L in m(k)) break; Last = "0" ! 1, m(function() ), function() (), m.accept Data = function(a) ; var M = /^(? :\|\[[\w\W]*\])$/, N = /([A-Z])/g; function O(a, b, c) function P(a) function Q(a, b, d, e) function R(a, b, c) m.extend(), extend(), m.extend(), extend(); var S = /[ -]? UAE dating site Dating-Cupid proposes you to try your luck for being not single but happy and successfully!If you have been waiting for romantic, lovely, friendly and worthy relationships and dating in United Arab Emirates for a long time, if you really want to enjoy with friends and lovers - stay on UAE dating site Dating-Cupid where you can meet love, friendship and even marriage!The uae should take a long, hard look at what happens to governments that suppress the rights of its citizens to speak out or that think they can control the information people share. )" M "*\]", "g"), V = new Reg Exp(Q), W = new Reg Exp("^" O "$"), X = , Y = /^(? Welcome to the simplest online dating site to date, flirt, Or just chat with dubai singles. :input|select|textarea|button)$/i, Z = /^h\d$/i, $ = /^[^{] \(a); = s, = s.selectors, m.expr[":"] = pseudos, m.unique = s.unique Sort, = Text, XMLDoc = XML, m.contains = s.contains; var t = match.needs Context, u = /^]*|#([\w-]*))$/, A = init = function(a, b) ; A.prototype = m.fn, x = m(y); var B = /^(? : Until|All))/, C = ; m.extend(), extend(); function D(a, b) m.each(, function(a, b) ); var E = /\S /g, F = ; function G(a) m. \d |)/.source, T = ["Top", "Right", "Bottom", "Left"], U = function(a, b) , V = m.access = function(a, b, c, d, e, f, g) , W = /^(? Ad najuib, acting manager of corporate communications at etisalat, was quoted as saying "until now voip has not been licensed in the uae.The licensees have the right to block illegal voip traffic" (as of april 2012, etisalat and du are licensees in the uae).And those who desperately want to access the blocked websites usually find a way eventually (using a vpn is one way to access blocked websites from what we've heard).It would be rare that any news is censored, even news critical of the uae.

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