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Yet, I had looked at my email and had tracked my order.It was delivered by Fed Ex, but it had never arrived at my apartment.

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Have text messages from managers insulting or talking bad about me to my team until it pushed me to the point of quitting. Their still cheating the SOP process by scanning in extra pallets a day acting like they are doing the freight to give them payroll yet rescanning the same boxes the next day. I feel like I’ve been bullied out the door and discriminated against yet no one will contact me. I applied to a Front End Developer/Designer position in April.

I received an e-mail back from your Corporate Recruiter asking to speak with me for a “10-15 minute quick chat.” I told her my availability. Then I told her I was free the whole day Tuesday for the week. I really wasn’t free any other day of the week that week.

So I said yes, when she called I missed it because I was busy at work.

I called back five minutes later, and left a voicemail. I e-mailed her to tell her I was interested, and still no reply.I had inquired about the package being stolen but was given “well it was delivered and signed for”.I had asked the assistant to the manager whose last name but not the first initial was on the “signed for” order. I cantget a refund because the package was delivered and signed for.I recently just e-mailed her to tell her I was still interested, especially since I still see the job listed on Indeed. Reply I am disgusted by this companies behavior, I worked for Burlington coat factory for 10 years and you always talk about how their is no discrimination, how the company has integrity and values. Your company dropping the Trump line is nothing more than an UN American act that has no place in our country. I will be along with a great many others not shopping at your store.I’m so disappointed, I will not be shopping here anymore. This is you being swayed by a bunch of cry babies that don’t like President Trump so you are taking it out on his daughter, what does that say about you and your companies standards, they are at the bottom of the toilet, I am embarrassed that I worked for such a company, ashamed!In 1990, a national distribution center is constructed in Burlington, NJ. In 2006, the company is acquired by Bain Capital and taken private.Today, there are over 500 Burlington Coat Factory stores in 44 US states and Puerto Rico.I’ve even been lucky enough to meet Thomas kingsbury personally.Over the past year I have had my job threatened almost daily.Zoosk online dating makes it easy to connect with single women over 50.Online dating lets you meet great people out there who we just haven't bumped into yet.

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