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Dating customs of ukraine

Please have medical insurance obtained before entering Ukraine since it might be impossible to obtain it at your point of entry.Another object of control might be the financial coverage of your stay in Ukraine.Amounts exceeding EUR 10,000 can be brought out with NBU permission letters only, unless your entrance customs declaration form states you have brought in a bigger amount.

References: Greetings Ramila & Igor We have just returned from visiting Ukraine on a train/hotel package that you arranged for us. The hotel folks were very pleasant and accommodating.

I must say that all went well with the trip, all the arrangements went very well, the arrangements you made for us were just right. We would be pleased to recommend your services to future travelers.

This fact alone makes it a worthwhile investment for a Western man who is visiting Ukraine.

Maybe it seems a bit too good to be true, but let me explain. For a multitude of reasons, there are more eligible women than men in their culture.

If you need to declare goods or values, keep the declaration signed by Customs until your departure from Ukraine.

You might need this paper when leaving the country since goods and valuables export is limited in Ukraine and is subject to customs taxation.

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