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Dating and living at home

), there’s certainly a gender split: according to the ONS, way more men are living with the rents than girls.

Which strikes me as a bit odd, considering the fact there’s still a massive stigma surrounding stay-at-home guys as opposed to stay-at-home girls. Maybe the best way of unraveling what’s happening here would be to find some men and owmen both living at home to see which one of them was finding it the hardest.

They presume the girl is more independent within the home, whereas the guy doesn’t do anything.

Which is pretty sexist when you think about it.' READ MORE: Meet The Mates Sharing A Bed Because It Makes Financial Sense Her brother still gets some degree of special treatment from their mum, despite the fact he's a few years older than Jen.

But everyone, from my mates (' Oh, he's living at home? cool’) to the Polish guys who came to unblock our toilet (' Your boyfriend live at home? According to a new survey, a record number of under 30s are living at home, with a whopping one in four 22 to 30-year-olds in the UK being forced to live with their parents.

While there’s no clear north-south divide when it comes to the annoyingly named Boomerang Generation (that’s us!

but he just didn't, probably because he knew he’d get it all done for him!

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' Despite the fact their dad is 'a really good househusband, and the chores are shared out evenly', their mum feels that her brother just won't be able to do the stuff that Jen does.‘It 100 % seems more socially acceptable for girls living at home,' says Jen, who lives with her parents in Manchester with her 27 year-old brother – both for financial reasons.' We've got quite a lot of mutual friends, and they’re surprised when he’s living at home, but not me.‘I think it’s a necessity for a lot of people.’ Byron agrees: ' I get on so well with my family, and it’s convenient for my job, so that’s why I stay at home – the moment my job moves, I’ll move too.’ So next time you chat a guy up in a bar and he mentions he lives at home, don’t immediately jump to the conclusion he’s sitting around all day watching Netflix and refusing to grow up.He might own his own business or be saving shedloads to buy a new home –which is more than the majority of us can ever hope to achieve.Considering the fact we’re living in a country where the proportion of young people owning homes as halved in 20 years, there’s just as much of a chance it’s a stopgap as it is if you were chatting to a girl.And, hey, he’s got way more disposable income – even if his mum does occasionally iron his shirts. Then you might also be interested in: What Would Tracy Emin's Bed Look Like Today?' There's that whole thing about men providing that affects how people view males that live at home,' she says.' I suppose, with girls staying at home, people see it as quite a traditional part of growing up.Surely it can be a dealbreaker for guys when they’re chatting a girl up, to say that they live with their parents? I've got a good job, so I talk that up when talking to girls,' says Byron, who's single and probably wouldn't bring a girl back to his family home.' I can see that it's something a girl might have a problem with when I'm asking her out – you don't want to appear like you're some sort of slob.' Which he's not, by the way; Byron runs a very successful business selling collectable items (alright, it's toy soldiers, but there's a bloody good market for that). Ellie is volunteering for a company she's hoping to bag a job with, and her colleagues have been more than supportive about her situation: ' Nobody seems to have a problem with it, because they understand that it's something I have to do.

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