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Dating after emotional abuse

You might do this now, even when there's not actually a threat.

As the intensity of their intimacy grew, a part of Gwen began to withdraw.

Yes, she was physically right there with Paul as they kissed and stroked one another, but on the inside she was freezing up and the moment was no longer pleasant or comfortable for her.

Later, when Paul was asleep, Gwen broke down in tears.

More than anything, she wants to be able to be completely open and intimate with her husband.

What IS beneficial is for you to regularly do healing things for yourself.

This might mean that you meet with a counselor or coach who specializes in childhood abuse.

Sexual abuse can leave deep scars that can affect a person's ability to have a healthy relationship later on.

A recent study linked childhood emotional abuse with difficulties creating close and satisfying love relationships in adulthood.

The feel of your partner's breath on your neck may be sensual until it sparks an unwanted reminder of being abused.

A particular tone in your spouse's voice may recall being put down or yelled at.

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