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Dating a police officer pros and cons

Living with a person who takes care of others (who are not even acquaintances), leaving behind his family alone, teaches you a lot of lessons.

Strength builds up from within day after day, to swallow all the fears and put up a brave smile on your face everyday.

Family life, taking care of children, other household responsibilities, fixing broken stuff, running errands, scheduling health appointments for everyone, or attending parent-teacher conferences, be it any or all of these, she has to do it all alone.The relationship can suffer a lot, as two people with sometimes completely opposite fields of work try to mend their lives to make it all work.Overtime or changing shifts do not allow a 'normal' routine, or what is called a normal 8-hour day.Since it is your husband after all, you might be spared from a punishment for a wrongdoing.You might get lucky at times to get away with a ticket for over-speeding.Moments during official functions, while pinning the badge on his shirt, you suddenly realize why that person is so precious to you, even more than he was before.You feel honored and take immense pride in the work he does.The constant fear for his safety, especially during critical emergencies or an ambush, is difficult to handle, for a lifetime.If you are a man who has a cop wife, it might take you some time before yo It is understood that you will have to decline many family 'get together' invitations, since most of them are planned during festivals.He also needs your support for him to work with a happy mind when he leaves you and the kids at home.Coping with the 'not-being-together' for longer periods creates a lot of stress.

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