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Consolidating debt without hurting credit score

Are we really going to accept that the government and the Premier should only work for some people and not for all Ontarians?And are we really going to stand by and watch as inequality grows, the gaps get wider and more and more people fall through the cracks?

I’ll be splitting my lead this morning with the finance critic for our caucus, the member for Kitchener–Waterloo.

Andrea Horwath: It’s my honour to rise on behalf of Ontario’s New Democratic caucus to speak to the Liberal budget motion.

Are we going to let that happen in Ontario, or will we put the government to work to tackle inequality and inequity?

Will we focus on lifting people up, not cutting down the supports that communities need?

It is one of the basics, Speaker, basics like strengthening our public health care so that it’s there for our loved ones when they need it.

I was optimistic that the Premier would take a hard look around Ontario today and realize that it’s time for her government to focus on what matters to most people, because we have so many strengths in this province.

For anyone who doesn’t yet believe that this Premier is out of touch and not listening, you need only to look at the Premier’s decision to ignore more than 80% of Ontarians, listen to a small group of Liberal cabinet ministers and private investors and start selling off Hydro One.

The Liberals chose to put private profits ahead of the priorities of people, and Ontarians are seeing that.

In the House last Thursday, the associate finance minister referred to low-paying, insecure, precarious jobs as “contemporary mobile employment.” That’s the new Liberal word for precarious work.

Only the Liberals can make getting hosed sound like it’s modern and exciting.

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