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Consolidating debt without hurting credit score

And will we refuse to let two Ontarios grow further and further apart? It’s stark, it’s real, and it’s being played out in the lives of millions of people on a daily basis.

Not just talking about listening and consulting, but really listening to the people of Ontario, because over the last couple of years, most Ontarians have seen a Premier and a government that look out of step and out of touch with the real struggles, the real challenges, the real hopes of families across this province.

Resuming the debate adjourned on March 3, 2016, on the motion that this House approves in general the budgetary policy of the government. Heading into this budget, like many Ontarians, I was hopeful; hopeful that the Premier was truly listening to the people of this province.

Are we really going to accept that the government and the Premier should only work for some people and not for all Ontarians?

And are we really going to stand by and watch as inequality grows, the gaps get wider and more and more people fall through the cracks?

That’s not what was supposed to happen, Speaker, but the gap between the rich and poor continues to widen here in Liberal Ontario.

The wait-list for affordable housing in Windsor just reached a record high a couple of weeks ago, and First Nations communities were forced to declare a state of emergency in February because the health needs of indigenous peoples are still not being met by the provincial and federal governments. Just calling it wrong does not even begin to actually make things right, but the truth is that growing inequality continues to shape the lives of far too many people in this province.

Les gens du Nord ne peuvent toujours pas compter sur ce gouvernement pour assurer la sécurité des routes dans la saison hivernale.

In fact, the failure of the brand new Nipigon bridge shows that northern infrastructure problems are getting worse here in Ontario, not better.

All of us can see in our own communities, in our own backyards, that the real needs of people just are not being met.

Child poverty is growing again here in the city of Toronto.

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