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It’s a thrilling, touching fantasy about the attempted liberation of a giant, genetically modified pet pig from the nefarious clutches of a big biotech company run by an unforgettable Tilda Swinton.With Paul Dano, Steven Yuen, Lily Collins, and Jake Gyllenhaal.“Bad juju makes for good comedy in this first feature by Bogota-based Samir Oliveros…As inviting as a gentle tropical breeze.” –Hollywood Reporter....

This dazzling and innovative work ran into political censorship in the USSR (references to Trotsky had to be removed) and prompted the first official charges of “formalism” (being too arty and elitist) against the great director. Gook is a good-natured film that looks at the 1992 L. Gentle and even goofy at times, this low-budget b&w gem, a Sundance prizewinner, evokes such indie landmarks as Clerks and Do the...

Digital restoration from the Filmmuseum München, Germany; special thanks to Stafanie Hausmann. Shot on location in the verdant Colombian Caribbean and featuring a catchy soundtrack of reggae and calypso, this quirky, crowd-pleasing comedy follows two bickering teen siblings (a brother and a sister) who must quickly find a way to repair their dad’s truck when they damage it by accidentally hitting and killing a goat.

“The sky-high Himalayas and the aftermath of civil war cast equally dark shadows in White Sun, an impressively accomplished second feature by...

Now a Broadway musical, this winning, moving comedy tells of an Egyptian police band that visits Israel and gets lost on the way to its gig.

There conservative Southern Baptists continue to clash with local homosexuals, this time over the issue of an impending gay marriage (and an interracial one at that! With Paul Dano, Steven Yuen, Lily Collins, and Jake Gyllenhaal.

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“With his latest work, Bong has created a heroine... This architectural mecca is the setting for this tender, low-key indie drama, the first feature by celebrated video essayist Kogonada and one of the most acclaimed movies of the year.

Jerry Lewis’ third film as a director (made between The Ladies’ Man and The Nutty Professor) is one of his funniest.

Lewis plays a clueless paperhanger who is hired by Paramutual Pictures to spy on studio employees and ferret out wastefulness and sloth.

There conservative Southern Baptists continue to clash with local homosexuals, this time over the issue of an impending gay marriage (and an interracial one at that! Ancarani trains his widescreen camera on a group of wealthy young Arab men who converge in the Qatari desert for a weekend of r&r.

The young sheikhs’ activities include racing SUV’s across sand dunes and a falconry competition.

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