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Eastern Shore Yacht Club, and also organized races between these points.

Established in 1849, it is the fourth oldest yacht club in the United States.

The object of this Club shall be to promote yachting in the vicinity of Biloxi in particular and along the Gulf of Mexico in general; and to do whatever may be consistent in such promotion, such as owning and renting boats, owning and leasing a clubhouse, and owning and leasing property, conducting regattas, entertaining, etc., and in general to do whatever is consistent with the operation of a yacht club.

Entering the hall, facing South, the reading room is on the left and the handsome ladies' parlors on the right.

Directly behind these rooms and extending the full with of the building is the lounging room.

It had stood the test of time, having been rebuilt after the storm of 1915 and having weathered all that Nature had flung her way since that time.

It is small wonder that a group of energetic members were continuing their work remodeling the upper floor of the clubhouse for a gala opening that would feature and art exhibit and a fashion show in a large room suitable for meetings and other events while a storm, named Camille, was flirting along a path to the coast but until the last minute seemed to be headed for Panama City, Florida, that fateful day in August, 1969. All the while the club stalwarts were considering their options, looking into all possibilities, and in time the El Capitan Lounge, swimming pool and marina of the Trade Winds Hotel became available.

With many families along the coast owning yachts—a vessel with sails, emphasized a Down South magazine story in its May–June, 1976, issue—a group of men met in Pass Christian in 1849 and formed the Southern Yacht Club Association.

A clubhouse was erected that same year at West End on Lake Pontchartrain.

Behind the lounging room is a broad, long gallery, which accommodates 500 observers.

From it one has a full view of the club's 15-mile course in the Mississippi Sound. The eye of a hurricane passed over the club in 1915, leaving only splintered pilings and a reminder of the once-lavish yachting showplace.

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