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We have witnessed so many success stories; let the next one be yours!

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We offer Long Island Singles events and Speed Dating NYC in addition to concerts, ,shows and more.

Our NYC Speed Dating takes place close to Penn Station.After every “date,” you write down that person’s name on the card and rank them based on how likely you’d be to date them again.At the end of the event, you pick the top people you were interested in and return the card.The Chew events best speed dating in nyc to men who that simple Asian shows, so there could be a few of shows.Na, and never buy shows from that just from high give.), and found myself in the restaurant of the Hyatt Union Square.Inside, it looked more or less like a restaurant preparing itself for regular dinner service (dim lighting, candlelit tables), rather than the morose, clinical vision I had concocted of name tags, clipboards, and other trappings of business conferences.for clueless men and women who naively think they’re going to meet their Prince Charmings and Snow Whites in a Times Square hotel meeting room. I pictured a snaking line of dolled-up girls changing seats at a dinging bell in front of a small handful of awkward, overwhelmed men. In fact, speed dating may actually be NYC’s best-kept dating secret.I signed up for a Monday night event with Speed NY Dating (because what else was I going to do on a Monday night?Also in the name of research, I chose three different persona’s for the three different events: British Airways Stewardess, Professional Chef, and International Fashion Model.I was curious to see if these men were really serious about meeting an intelligent woman for a serious relationship.

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