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He was present with his company in all its duties and engagements of an active field service, from the commence- ment of Gen. His company won true distinction on account of good dis- cipline, excellent deportment and bravery in action. Burr was engaged in the following battles : Wilderness.

He with his regt., was discharged from service, Nov.

Mi\ Burr was educated at Lowville Academy, learned the car- penter's trade, and rem. THERE are people in our time who treat the inquiries of the genealogist with indifference, and even with contempt. They live only in the present, and care nothing for the past and little for the future ; for "he who cares not whence he cometh, cares not whither he goeth." When such persons are approached with questions of ancestry, they retire to their stronghold of apathy ; and the querist learns, jeithout difficulty, that whether their ancestors were vile or illus- trious, virtuous or vicious, or whether, indeed, they ever had any, is , to them a matter of supreme indifference. Now we think it can be shown that this state of feeling is an ab- normal one, a perversion of the natural and kindly impulses of the V heart, which lead us to regard our progenitors with respect and affec- tion. is caused by that lofty in- dependence of character which disdains to admit that its eminence b. Burr is now an architect and draughtsman in the city of Boston. ten years ; then spent a year in Syracuse, and from thence removed to Walworth, where he has a large practice. Kate Sumner Burr, is a lady of considerable literary ability, and has contributed several poems of merit to the Independent and other journals. Genealogy preserves this blessing of ancestry to man. -He only deserves to be remembered by posterity who treasures up. STORY OF HIS ANCESTORS." ^^ ^^ NEW YORK: Printed by E. Now, if these things are so — and their truth is established beyond cavil — are not the votaries of the science justified in propounding a new axiom, that he is the real millionaire who inherits a virtuous ancestry; since he must receive with it a good name, good abilities, and sound judgment, and these in turn will confer on him a clear title to wealth, honest fame, and all the acquisitions and achievements of the human mind. HAROLD B Lhb LIBRAR BR1GHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITY PROVO. It also in- cludes in its province the questions of heredity, transmission, and b9A A GENERAL HISTORY OF «S" THE BURR FAMILY \ IN AMERICA. 31, 1865, Mary Rockwood ; they have two chil., 518. on the farm formerly owned by ins grandfather, Sylvanus Burr, in Booneville..

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