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If the couple is honeymooning to somewhere warm, include sunscreen, sunglasses, aloe, beach towels, water bottles and whatever else you can think of to complete a hot, sunny vacation package.If they’re vacationing to somewhere a bit cooler, consider including a blanket, hot cocoa, hand warmers, tea, and other cozy wintertime goodies.

Are you shopping for a wedding gift that’s a bit more personal and memorable than a coffee maker or a toaster?

The purpose of a wedding gift is to congratulate the newlywed couple as they begin their new life together.

Not only can they use these bags for their honeymoon, but they can also use them for each vacation afterwards. Consider having the bags personalized as well, so that the couple can feel even more comfortable traveling in style!

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Putting them together is a matter of some controversy. From the forthcoming BB 4A: Christology (sections I.5.f.4-5): 4) Since Luke states that Jesus was "about thirty" at the commencement of His public ministry (Lk.), an event that post-dates the time when John began baptizing, there can be little doubt that the birth of Christ is to be fixed ca. Moreover, this phrase is best taken (and arguably can only be properly taken, especially given Luke's penchant for precision: cf. It is impossible within the scope of this study to detail all of the chronological details and arguments connected with Christ's birth, but the 2 B. date, in addition to being based on the only two clear chronological references in the gospel (i.e., Lk.3:1 and ), is also recommended by three other important factors.

My own take on these things will be found in part 4A of the Basics series, "Christology" [update note: NOW POSTED; see link] But as that installment will not be available until sometime next year, I include the pertinent portions below (please be advised that this material still requires some serious editing; as always, I am greatly appreciative of any such advice). the precise dating of John's ministry at Lk.) to mean that while Christ had not yet reached His thirtieth birthday, He was very close to doing so, that is, He was 29 and set to turn thirty that same calendar year. First, it allows for a three year ministry of Christ (as required by the chronological details of John's gospel as we shall see when discussing the date of the crucifixion).

If you want to take it one step further even, consider signing the couple up for a wine-of-the-month club membership, in which the first year is paid for in full by you.

By receiving a new bottle of wine each month, the couple can enjoy relaxing nights together, host dinner parties, use their new wine box, and easily discover what wines they like and dislike.

No matter what you choose, there is no doubt that the couple will be happy to enjoy this fun time learning together.

Choose a nice frame to put the map in, have the map personalized with the couple’s names and anniversary date, and gift the framed map with some push pins.

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