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Are morgue and asia ray dating

“I was acting, but this is fun and I like to always do new things and see how far I can take it,” he says.

“I always wanted to be a superstar.” Morgue’s not-so-subtle act is all about the macabre and mystique.

In 2006, Todd Ray, along with his wife, Danielle, and now 21-year-old daughter, Asia, and 18-year-old son, Phoenix, opened the Venice Beach Freakshow.

It’s important to remind people that it’s OK just to be who you are.” Actor and performer Gabriel Pimentel – at 2-foot-6, known as the shortest man in America – is also a part of the family.

He’s appeared in several TV shows including “My Name Is Earl” and feature films such as the Wayans brothers’ comedy “Little Man.” The Rays discovered him just walking down the boardwalk.

“I learned these things for my own reasons and just for cathartic purposes,” says the charming, pale blond, who was shrouded in black.

“It was just a way of self-expression and a way of pushing the body to its limits and exploring pain.

We want to let them know that this is a family show, which is why it’s only $5 on Saturdays and Sundays.

Parents can bring their kids, and if there are teenagers and adults looking to see something crazy, you’ll get that too.

“I’m always nervous when she performs,” Danielle says of her daughter. ’” “I guess I don’t have typical parents,” Asia says with a laugh.

She gives a shy smile and an eye roll when I share how adorable it was when her father, who was beaming with pride while discussing her, nonchalantly pointed out her first bed of nails as we toured the showroom. I like that we’re showing people things that they’re not used to or that they’ve never seen with our crazy stunts.

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