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Are emma watson and tom felton dating

He was born to Sharon and Peter Felton and has three brothers: Ashley Felton, Jonathan Felton, and Chris Felton.From the age of eight, he began to appear in commercials.

That blonde, slicked-back hair, those baby blue eyes...anyway. Course she just walked up and slapped me across the face," he said, laughing."My male ego didn't quite know what to do with it."And then when did it go from a slap to a punch? Somewhere between that and the third film it got a little bit more violent.

Always a gentleman, Tom Felton has kept mum on the whole matter, but while interviewing him at the recent premiere of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Hollywood, I went all Rita Skeeter on him and asked if the feelings were mutual. Luckily she didn't actually clock me with her fist.

Through his career and singing, he has earned a lot of money that adds to his net worth.

Though the exact amount of Tom net worth is not made official by the actor, some sources claim Tom net worth to be a whopping amount of $35 million.

She bosses them around-she’s demanding but in a sweet way.

I like that.”“The Slytherin boys and I used to play a game called Fit Extras.

It is not confirmed whether the girl is his girlfriend or not.

Felton’s fourth girlfriend whom he dated from 2008 to 2016, and has been in a relationship with her for seven years is Jade Olivia.

Tom has quite a long list of relationship in his journey to find his perfect love and who is Tom Felton girlfriend is a mystery now as Tom has not been so vocal regarding his current relationship.

His fans might be wondering if he has found his partner or still searching.

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