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Android birthday calendar not updating

If you see the message "Browser doesn't support notifications," your browser needs to be updated before you can get Google Calendar notifications.

But Events is just not broadcasting an upcoming occasion.It only works in portrait mode but can help to make extended or important events visible.You can choose from a range of colours and pen thicknesses and can preset your favourites. Track the weather You can now see what the weather will be like over the next seven days on your calendar.The changes you make on your computer also affect your mobile notifications.For example, if you choose a notification for 60 minutes before on your computer, you'll also get a notification on your phone 60 minutes before your event.Those changes are mostly in the design of the app but there has also been an evolution in freehand calendar entries.Whereas in the earlier models you had to write a note in S Memo and attach it to the calendar, now you can write directly on the calendar.Note: If you stopped receiving event notifications, it may be because your browser doesn't support alerts.To receive event notifications from Calendar, choose the "desktop notifications" setting.Note about flight events: By default, you won't get notifications for events that were added from Gmail.Birthdays and anniversaries can be tracked for each Outlook contact.

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