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Despite their differences, the war in Syria looks set to be the crucible of Moscow-Tehran cooperation for some time to come, given its centrality to the strategic ambitions of both parties.

It looks set to reduce European influence in the Middle East and challenge the West’s capacity to curtail Russian intervention and Iranian ambitions in the region.

But is this inevitable, or are there silver linings for Europe?

As Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, noted during his November 2015 meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, the “long-term plan of the United States is against the interests of all nations, particularly our two nations, which can be thwarted by closer cooperation”.

Moscow and Tehran are comfortable with each other’s ideological outlook.

Like the Soviet Union.” The Russians recognise an ageing ideological dogma when they see one; they are not inclined to over-interpret it, and they know how to find ways around ideology.

In turn, Iran views the Kremlin’s position as an indication of Moscow’s foreign policy pragmatism and avoidance of the type of strategic blindness that has tainted a highly politicised Western outlook on the Islamic Republic.

Iran and Russia share an aspiration to create and maintain a “multipolar” world order that would treat both of them as important decision-makers.

Russia views this goal more globally and sees itself among the key decision-makers in determining that international order.

Moscow offers Tehran a critical means of protecting its regional security interests.

However, Iran’s leadership is divided on how best to hedge bets between Eastern and Western powers to achieve the country’s strategic objectives.

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