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Advice for men dating single mothers

Aren't you concerned about not being there for your kids?

"It's horrible to think that you're not caring for your child properly.

But just because you're a working mom doesn't mean you care for your child any less.

Although moms working from home do some housework/childcare during business hours, hired help goes a long way. "Why have kids if someone else is going to take care of them? This hints that you entered into parenthood without thinking it through.

"If a parent can concentrate on work by having a nanny, the work is less likely to invade the non-work hours," says Dr. A family friend recently chastised Laura Perez of Newark, NJ, for considering having a second child when she was already a working mom of one.

Here are nine remarks working mothers hate to hear and what to do if someone says one to you. And even if someone's sure a family can survive on one parent's paychecks alone, they might use the second income for "luxuries" like saving for their children's future college education, explains Dr. Still, Terri Bly, a small business owner and mom from St.

Paul, MN, doesn't think mothers should feel bad about working when money isn't a motivator."Women at home with their children represent only a small percentage of families in the U. Beth Anne Shelton, professor of sociology at University of Texas at Arlington.Yet working moms—just like their stay-at-home counterparts—often face harsh judgments from those who question their parenting situation. "Most women (and men) work because they need the earnings and/or health benefits," says Dr. But a family's financial situation isn't anyone else's business.It must be nice to get a break from the kids."Working is a break in that a mom is getting the chance to focus on her professional self," says Fell.But, she points out, not everyone is blessed with a job she enjoys; sometimes it's just a paycheck.And that's actually the perfect reply for anyone who's made to feel that her home-based gig is a breeze.In fact, Allcot notes, many employers who allow telecommuting ask for proof of childcare if kids are home.Try: "It's great the company allows me to adjust my schedule to get my work done and make my family a priority." 8."I'd miss my kids too much if I worked."Though the sentiment might have nothing to do with the working mother who hears it, it can be perceived to mean that working moms must be so cold-hearted to leave their kids every day, says La Rowe.Being a mom is one of the most demanding jobs in the world.And while women who take on paying work in addition to parenthood have their hands full, they represent the majority of mothers.

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