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Advice dating friend relationship

Okay, so I would never claim to have it all figured out, but I can say that I’m pretty good at solving other people’s problems. My friends come to me for love and support and advice, and I can usually give them a little nugget or two of truthy, kind, realness to help them determine what to do. It might be that they’re not over their ex or that they still have to finish college. Which is why I’ve compiled a small listicle of things to remember, when it comes to relationships and dating. It might be that they’re in between jobs and living at home.We all have a friend that tells us everything about their relationship whether we want to hear the sorted details or not. • Are they constantly critical towards you or loving & caring?

Advice should be limited with friends and family, as they have to make their own path in life. It’s their pile of crap, their past relationships, but also, whatever their current life situation is that makes them unable to commit to a relationship. ON BREAKUPS: Sometimes people just have pre-existing conditions. A pre-existing condition is everything somebody comes into a relationship with.I’m not saying you have to be the person you want to date, but I’m saying you should always be working to be the best version of yourself possible.And if you’re not, then how can you possibly expect to find your ideal?Advice can be a good thing when it is handled with respect and good intentions.Don’t wait too long before something is discussed & try to do it at the time you are aware of the situation.We all need guidance at certain times of our life but our teachers should be caring & non judgmental to help us learn how to improve our lives without feeling overly criticized.• What type of friendship do you have with them? Ridiculing someone’s choices needs to be avoided unless there is a known danger to that friend.People want their friend’s approval but seldom welcome a negative lecture.(Telling someone their boyfriend/girlfriend is unattractive, too short, overweight, not ambitious or rich enough is not constructive advice, it is an unnecessary opinion.)Advice should be gentle and not accusing.If you see a pattern with a friend that is harmful, point out a few scenarios that you have noticed, maybe they do not know this is recurring.

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