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The more women you contact, the more you will have sex with. Our initial goal was for each of our members to have sex with at least 2 attractive women.To be quite honest, that’s really all we imagined would be possible.If you’ve spent any time researching affair dating sites, you’re likely familiar with Ashley Madison.

The results were far more than we could have ever expected.

In the 2 months spent on Ashley Madison, we accomplished the following: The results were unbelievable.

With 1000 credits, you can replicate our method and find dates quickly. There really isn’t much more we can say about Ashley that you don’t already know.

We love this site and think it’s the best place to meet an attractive woman to have sex with.

We completely underestimated our abilities and the quality of Ashley Madison. Of the 50 women we had a private conversation with, 19 were willing to meet within 24 hours. We did run into a bit of a problem, which was our own fault. And, yeah, we picked and chose based on how hot they were!

We couldn’t actually meet many of these women because we set-up dates with too many at once. Out of the 13 dates we had, we had sex with most of the women on the first night. As you can tell from our results above, we know a thing or two about how to achieve success on Ashley Ashley Madison operates on a credit-basis, meaning you use up credits when you communicate with other members.

Here are the 3 most important tactics we used to dominate the competition on Ashley Madison … Some of our favorite site features that you should take advantage of include the following… The more credits you buy upfront, the better the discount you get. The small amount of money invested is well worth it. We recommend the 9 plan, as it’s the best bang for your buck .

Ashley Madison was set-up in a way that greatly benefits its members. Ashley Madison isn’t the cheapest affairs dating site out there. Its better to invest the sum upfront to have enough credits to get some solid action.

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